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Withdrawing funds from the trading account


To withdraw funds, please log in private area of your broker and chose Withdraw.

In the next step, you need to enter all the details of your bank account, where the payment will be sent. You need to withdraw funds to the same bank account from which you deposited funds. If the account has changed, then you need to inform us about it before making an application for withdrawal.

If you make a withdrawal before noon in Chicago, then it is made on the same day and usually the next day in the morning already in your bank. However, sometimes, depending on your bank, funds may flow slower, this should be checked with the local banks you work with.

And enter your details, then repeat your withdrawal request.

Always after a successful request, you will immediately receive an email notification that the request has been received, and then an email when the money is withdrawn from the account to your bank.



Contact us online if you have any questions.