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VOLFIX Trading Platform


This platform is an excellent solution for professional traders who use a detailed analysis of market depth.

Terms of Service

The Volfix platform can be connected through any of these quotes providers: Rithmic or CQG .

At Rhythmik we provide free access to EUREX , but the commission is $ 0.40 per circle higher than on CQG .

On CQG EUREX costs 23 euros per month + VOLFIX itself costs 10 dollars per month additionally monthly (since it works only on paid FIX adapter). Another difference is that there are more exchanges on CQG offered in general.

Based on the forecasted trade volume, you can estimate which option will cost you cheaper.

On any set both the paid version of the platform and the free version, which is available only to AMR clients, work! The free version is offered without any monthly subscription fee for the software itself, but there will be a surcharge for each contract traded in the amount of 0.10 (i.e. 0.20 per round). The free version offers 7 days of history and Order Window functionality. Other platform features are available only in the paid version (including graphs, clusters, etc.).

If you pay Volfix directly, then you will have the full version and the aforementioned commission surcharge will not be applied. You will then have an extended (paid) version of the platform with history.

Demo account

You can request a demo for the platform on the platform developer's website.