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TradingView is a feature-rich platform with super charting capabilities that runs on both Windows and Mac. And besides, there is a HTML5 version for browsers.

We are pleased to announce this platform, providing an exclusive opportunity to trade from it. The terminal is widely known all over the world and has gained immense popularity due to its analytical capabilities, and now access to international exchanges CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX with the ability to trade on them has become available on the TradingView platform.



About TradingView

TradingView was created by programmers with extensive experience in developing trading platforms, therefore it is an innovation in the trading world.

The main emphasis of the developers was on creating a terminal that would be distinguished by its lightness, comprehensibility, had the Russian language, support for indicators and scripts, and was powerful in terms of a set of various tools. Exchange data is processed in cloud services, thereby increasing the speed of the platform. And this is taking into account the work through the browser. Today, even the CME exchange uses TradingView technology on its website to display prices for its futures.


Platform of the future

A very simple platform, easy for beginners to learn, in Russian, extremely powerful for professionals - the TradingView terminal, focused on those who use technical analysis to work in the US and European futures markets. Working through a browser, you can trade from anywhere in the world. By simply launching the terminal, you can immediately start doing analysis, share it and see the predictions of other participants.


Tradingview Indicators

A huge number of different TradingView scripts and indicators have been developed for this platform. To date, their number has exceeded 100,000, which are written in Pine.

Indicators and strategies are both open and closed (which, however, can be used, just their program code is protected).

The main scripts are devoted to analyzing trading volumes, working with volatility, moving averages, oscillators, Fibonacci, channels, and so on.



Technical analysis

Today, the terminal contains over a hundred built-in indicators and scripts, the ability to draw directly on the chart, and much more.

- Working with Price Action
- Presets of scripts and indicators
- Many timeframes
- Woodie's CCI, Fibonacci
- Volume Profile
- Pine programming language

TradingView от AmerClear

Global access to world exchanges

Very fast access to the largest platforms in the world, futures trading, electronics and pit, instant execution and direct access to the pit - this is not a complete list of what distinguishes the platform from many others.

Терминал TradingView

Pros for you

20 million users worldwide!
Why TradingView is so popular?


- Access from any device (desktop, tablet, phone)

- Login on any operating system (Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux)

- Work from any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer)

- Trade from anywhere in the world

- Work on HTML5 technology

- Combination of HTML5 + CSS + Canvas to improve performance and smoother settings.

Over 50 platforms!

- Modern technologies

- Provide your users with the best fintech solution to stay one step ahead of the competition. The combination of HTML5 + CSS + Canvas is the best combination of performance and customization. We also adapt libraries to all modern frameworks: Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js and more.

- High performance

- Everything is focused on working with large amounts of data

- Reactive loading of charts even with thousands of bars, including more than a hundred drawing objects, dozens of scripts and indicators

- Updating all this data with every new tick!

For programmers

- Full adaptation of the best libraries to the most popular frameworks: Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js, etc.

- Convenient Pine programming language

- TradingView platform was made by developers for developers. The easiest integration to make any installation easier

- Multilingual library support

- 30 localization languages ​​available

- Constant work on the terminal, and frequent updates

- Constantly adding new scripts, indicators, templates


Виды Platforms

TradingView Version Basic Professional Professional Plus Premium
No Ads
Synchronizing charts in one tab 1 2 4 8
Access from different devices simultaneously 2 5
Saving charts 1 5 10
Second timeframe
Renko, Kagi, Linear Break, Tic Tac Toe
Range bars
Chart Spread
Export data
Access to scripts and indicators
Indicators on the chart at the same time 3 5 10 25
Templates 1
Drawing Tools
Volume Profile
The Pine Programming Language
Strategy Practice
Instant data feed once per second
Backup data feed
Online News
Economic Calendar
Demo account
Trading from the chart
Trading from the order book
Price per month $0 $14.95 $29.95 $59.95



Login to the platform

Any browser is enough to enter the platform - Chrome, IE, FireFox, Safarai, Android and others.

All clients who use CQG are already automatically connected to this platform.

Login to the platform TradingView.

List of exchange symbols (tickers) for the platform.

Download for Windows.

Download for MacOS.

TradingView от AmerClear



About the platform in detail

Broad market data coverage

TradingView uses quality data feed from CQG to provide futures data. With it you will have official data on prices, volume and history directly from American and international exchanges.

Modern Browser Mobility

Any OS, any device, anywhere in the world will do

With the latest HTML5 technology and cloud-based customization, our charts will work in ANY modern browser and OS. TradingView works on any modern device such as iPad, iPhone and Android / Windows / Linux phones, tablets and computers.

Our cloud servers do all the hard work - you no longer need to buy an expensive trading computer to get top-notch charts and data. You will always have access to the latest market news, featured charts and chat with other members wherever you are.

Regular and Advanced Chart Types

TradingView has common and advanced chart types, each of which helps you analyze the market from a different angle. A candlestick chart will show you how the price moved over a period of time (i.e. a minute or a day), while Renko charts will show you whether the trend is up or down. Learn more about the types of charts on TradingView!

Customizable spread charts

Spread charts are a powerful tool for tracking user comparisons, such as the difference between Microsoft and Google stocks. You can build any spread chart in TradingView by entering a custom formula using (+ - * /), for example "MSFT + GOOG". Learn more about Spread Charts on TradingView!

50+ smart drawing tools

Drawing tools help you understand what's going on with stock prices and track how your predictions are coming true. You can write on your chart or draw by hand, drag simple trendlines from A to B, apply the widely used Fibonacci and Gann tools, or apply the popular Elliott waves. Learn more about the drawing tools on TradingView!

Individual technical analysis

TradingView comes with an extensive library of over 100 built-in technical indicators, including a volume profile!

Basic data

We have a unique set of institutional quality fundamental data for US companies. Viewing a company's financial performance in the context of history and market coverage allows you to look at the current financial results in perspective, especially in comparison with similar indicators and the company's own performance over time.

Character comparison

Comparing stocks against the benchmark S & AmerClear; P 500 is a great way to measure their performance - to see if they are doing better or worse in the industry. TradingView allows you to compare any stock to any index or any other stock based on% change since start. Find out how to compare symbols on TradingView.

Advanced Price Scaling

When you're ready to move on to technical questions, our charts will allow you to set the price scale according to your type of analysis. There are linear axes, interest axes and logarithms for price shocks. You can use two separate price scales at the same time, one for indicators and one for price movement. Learn more about scaling options.

Right-click on the price scale to see the options: change the scaling type, enable automatic scaling, or show a different price scale. Right-clicking on the indicators allows you to choose which scale to use, so multiple data series at different scales can coexist on the same chart. You can also drag the price and time scale to increase or decrease the compression.

Several symbols on the chart

It is often useful to look for relationships between different stocks - do they move in tandem or always in opposite directions? With TradingView, you can look at different stocks on the same chart, even if one is trading at $ 100 and the other at a penny. Learn how to add multiple symbols to one chart in TradingView.

Research Templates

Studies can be combined into sets to create study templates. Once the template is created, the entire set of studies can be applied to any graph at any time with just one click. You can switch between different templates. Learn how to use the research templates on TradingView.

Hot Lists

Pre-built hotlists constantly scan the US stock market to determine the best trading opportunities. Hotlists dynamically display different characters based on selected criteria, not to be confused with watchlists, which always display only the characters you want to watch.

Synchronized Watchlists

Keep track of your favorite stocks in a handy scanner list. You can add symbols, sort the list, and save custom lists with unique names. With TradingView, your watchlists are with you wherever you go and you can stay up to date on any device you use TradingView on.

Trending news and headlines in real time

You only see relevant news next to the stocks you are currently viewing (i.e. if you are looking at the Facebook chart, only Facebook news will be displayed). We filter the headlines of the leading news agencies.

Live Conversation

Conversation is a real-time chat, so you can talk to other people looking at the same symbol. In the chat, you send links to your charts and discuss them with people analyzing the same ticker. Conversations allow you to discuss current market conditions here and now, and the publication of charts is your vision of the future.

Publish Chart

The ability to post and share your ideas is one of the key features of TradingView. The post will share your trading idea with the financial network and investor community for others to comment on and rate. Learn more about publishing on TradingView.


Download TradingView

If you want to work even faster, much more productive and have additional options to manage charts and add scripts, install the TradingView desktop application.

Price: FREE.

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Opening an account is easy

The platform has already been chosen by about 20 million traders. Questions? We will help you by mail, online chat, Telegram, Votsap, Skype, by phone, in the ticket system.

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