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Frequently asked questions

US Holidays and Weekends for the current year
How to find out when a futures expires, how to find out the current traded liquid contract
How to find out the trading time for a contract and the duration of the increased (overnight margin)
F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions
What will happen if you do not close the deal during the expiration of the contract
What to do if your computer crashes or there is an unexpected power outage
Residents of which countries will not be able to open an account with AmerClear?

For beginner trader

For successful trading on the exchange, either FOREX you need an adequate understanding of the industry, some key skills in this profession and the basics management of personality, psychology and discipline.

In the market, many people mistakenly believe that there is such a thing as psychology. In fact, it does not exist, there are only skills of will, character and discipline. All of this is the basis for success in the trading .

The following are various articles that are useful for anyone planning to start or already working on the FOREX exchange.

FOREX Newbies
Futures market. General concepts and some subtleties