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Sierra Chart Trading Platform


Sierrachart is an ingenious terminal-constructor in which you can customize almost anything. The platform is very convenient for advanced traders and professionals who need special data on traded instruments. Through the Studies menu, you can download online not only exchange volumes, but also data from the order book. And many many others. The platform is provided in our company for $ 25 per month.

SierraCharts with indicators

Financial Markets

- US Futures
- European Futures


You can test the full set of features in the free demo of the platform. Shown here are just some of the capabilities of the terminal.

SierraCharts with indicators

SierraCharts with indicators

SierraCharts with indicators

Platform Reviews

The platform is a bit tricky to get started with, you have to tinker with its configuration, but it has everything that is contained in expensive platforms, but at the same time for a reasonable price or for free.

Speed ​​
SierraChart servers are installed in Chicago in the same datacenter as CME. This allows you to take directly tick data feed and CME Globex volumes with history.

With such a stream of data, you can't find a cheaper platform for sure.

- the cost of CME Globex with a history - $ 35 per month for connecting to one midrange installation;
- tick data feed with bid / ask;
- tick history / backfill with bid / ask;
- the smallest delays before CME quotes in the world;
- all servers are made on super-fast SSD hard drives;
- direct connection of Sierra servers to CME via FIX;

Installing Platform

Download Sierra.

Help and support

How to use instructions.

Setting up an account based on Rithmic. - just before that, do not forget to download the Rithmic Trader platform and activate the data feed through it - accept the agreement for the delivery of non-pro quotes.

Another instruction for working with the platform based on Rithmic .

Activating a real account based on TT's .