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Internet trading in futures, foreign exchange markets, stock and bond markets, bonds, or synthetic instruments is subject to high risks of unpredictable and uncalculated losses - everyone should know this.

Before you start trading, you should understand that in each of the markets you are opposed by the professionals of this market and large financial institutions. Also, your own psychology is not always on your side.

In some cases, the use of leverage can lead to losses in total exceeding the investment - for example, if you use leverage, then even imperceptible market fluctuations can quite strongly affect the balance of your deposit. Of course, this can bring you a large profit, but at the same time it can bring quite large losses, up to the implementation of a margin call. In such cases, you can be left not only without the initial deposit, but also go into the red, or part with the money that was entered into the brokerage account in order to maintain margin requirements - all this must be calculated in advance and such problems must be avoided. Therefore, it is best to use only funds, the loss of which will not cause catastrophic consequences.

You should also be familiar with the technology of work in the selected market, including the order execution processes - always remember that the clearing of positions is influenced by both the current liquidity (open interest of positions) and market conditions in general, as well as the size of orders, and many other processes that may not be considered by your trading strategies.

It should also be remembered that quotes always depend on the current market situation, its liquidity, and the number of counterparties ready to enter into new deals. And if the market liquidity falls, and you need to hold large enough positions in terms of volume, you will be filled by the market at worse prices than you see on the charts. There are times when the market rises or falls at a fairly fast pace, and in the conditions of a short decision-making time, most orders are executed according to market orders, which leads to huge slippages, and as a result, huge losses. Remember that entering a trade with a limit order, you will not be able to exit the market with the same limit order, because the exit from the trade already depends on the liquidity in the market, and this is always only a market order. In addition, unregulated markets have counterparty bona fide risks.

Does not guarantee the limitation of losses and the application of orders, since market conditions may well make it impossible to execute them at the planned cost due to the presence of a huge number of factors.
It is also not a guarantee of income generation by repeating the actions described in any sources.

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