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Quantower Trading Platform


Quantower is a fast, modern and powerful trading platform developed by Quantower. The platform combines the best charts and analytical functions, which gives professional traders more ways to make correct trading decisions in different markets: futures, options.

A wide range of professional manual trading functions combined with a powerful C # API gives you the perfect opportunity to use Quantower as the infrastructure for your exclusive and unique trading algorithms. They can be implemented by our developers or, if you don't want to expose their logic, you can code and embed them even without our participation.



Key benefits and features


- Simultaneous connections to different brokers and data providers.

- 10+ types and styles of charts - time charts, ticks, kagi, renko, point and figure, line break, range, volume, candles, bars. < / p>

- Volume analysis tools - volume profile, cluster chart (imbalance trace), time statistics, time histogram, historical terms and conditions.

- Aggregated time and sales.

- Direct access to the world's most famous exchanges.

- No inactivity fees of any kind

- Wide selection of exchanges (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, NYBOT, ICE, EUREX, ASX, SGX, LIFFE) + you can select the required exchanges to reduce CME Group fees (disable unnecessary quotes and save money!)

- A very powerful terminal that includes over 40 trading and analytical panels that can be used to trade futures.

- Invoice performance panel.

- Statistics testing panel.

- Backup manager.

- Graph overlays.

- Cluster chart.

- Extension for Visual Studio.

- Indicators. Volume profiles.

Pluses of Platform

- VWAP and Custom VWAP (VWAP binding).

- The Power Trades tool shows the execution of a large number of orders in a very short time.

- "Options Analytics" panel for creating and analyzing option strategies, risk profiles and volatility skew.

- DOM Surface panel displays changes to all limit orders in the order book, their placement, modification, cancellation and execution. This allows you to see the intentions of large traders regarding the future price, high level of liquidity prices.

- The TPO Profile graph shows the distribution of prices at the specified time.

- One-click trading through the Chart and DOM Trader panels

- High speed of work.

- Excellent efficiency of the complex.

- Many specific trading functions.

- Excellent efficiency of the complex.

- Customized trading workspace.

- Broker independent development team.

- Trade multiple assets through a single platform.

- Various synchronous data providers.

- Open API + VisualStudio connection.

More benefits

- Various order types - Market, Limit, Stop, Brackets, OCO on the server side (Rithmic), etc.

- Panel for simulating real-time trading on any trading or quote connections.

- Create and trade spreads and synthetic instruments.

- Manual and automatic testing of trading strategies on historical data.

- Create algorithmic strategies with Quantower Algo.

- Full customization of trading workspaces, panels, templates.

- Modern warning alarm.

- Equipment that provides electricity in autonomous mode for 26 days.

- Protection against power surges.




Fully customizable and professional interface

Convenient Quantower interface allows the trader to fully customize the parameters of each individual panel, as well as the entire workspace. Any user can easily create a trading layout according to special requirements or wishes using a wide range of options and preferences.

- Flexible visual settings for any panels
- Groups allow you to nest multiple panels in one
- A snapping feature that allows you to combine multiple panels into one.
- Templates let you save any custom panel, group or anchor and call them later with one click.
- Quantower lets you create as many workspaces as you want. Manage and switch them with one click. You can also detach the necessary panels from another monitor and manage the lists of workspaces.


Charts, Indicators and Figures

Quantower offers a large number of standard and advanced chart types that allow you to analyze markets from different angles. Thus, using our trading platform, traders can choose:

Time and tick charts
Point & AmerClear; Figure, Heikin Ashi, line break, volume
Renko, Kagi, range scales, footprint (cluster chart) with imbalance

Also Quantower presents several options for chart styles - candles, bars, line, area, dotted line. With the time frame selector, traders can easily switch between different predefined chart types, time periods, or create their own intervals and save them as favorites by clicking the star icon.

A suite of over 40 drawing tools allows you to focus on trends, support and resistance levels, gaps, reversals, and other price patterns. Trend lines and channels, Gartley patterns, Fibonacci and Gann tools and other drawings can be easily drawn with one click. For quick access to any picture, just place them on the sidebar, after activating the star icon next to them.

The platform offers over 50+ technical indicators, which are divided into 6 categories - channels, moving averages, trend, oscillators, volatility, volume indicators.


Volume Analysis Tools - Volume Profile, Cluster Chart, Time Statistics & More

Quantower provides traders with many advanced volume analysis functions. It allows you to see the trading volume at each price level, assesses the balance between buyers and sellers, and understands traders' intentions regarding the future price.

A cluster chart combines several important characteristics such as time, OHLC prices, trading volume, number of buy and sell trades. Imbalance mode displays price levels at which the purchase volume exceeds the sale volume.
The volume profile displays trading activity over a specific period of time at specific price levels. This allows you to more accurately see the areas of maximum trading interest and, as a consequence, the "true" support / resistance levels.
Time statistics show advanced volume statistics for each individual bar - total volume, trades, buy and sell volumes, delta, and customizable filters.


TPO Profile Chart

Time Price Opportunity or TPO Chart, shows the distribution of prices over a specified time, thus forming a profile. This allows you to understand at which levels or ranges the price has spent the most time, as well as to determine the main levels of support and resistance.


Trading functionality

Depending on the connected data provider or broker, the platform supports various types of orders, including market, limit, stop, OCO orders, brackets. At the same time, orders have different time limits that determine how they will behave during a trading session.

Quantower provides several ordering options for maximum efficiency:

- Trading on charts - quickly placing and changing orders in one click
- Entering an order - allows you to configure all the parameters of an order before sending it to the order book.
- DOM Trader Panel - Place an inactive or aggressive order right in the price ladder. You can place bracket orders or OCOs.
- DOM Surface Panel - Analyze the historical limit order book and place your orders at the strongest levels
- FX Cell - track quotes and send a market order at the bid or ask price in one click


Trading functionality

Depending on the connected data provider or broker, the platform supports various types of orders, including market, limit, stop, OCO orders, brackets. At the same time, orders have different time limits that determine how they will behave during a trading session.

For traders who have no experience in developing algorithmic strategies, the Quantower team has created a module for manual backtesting called History Player.

Trading options with option analytics panel

Option Desk and Analyzer & AmerClear joint mode; Volatility Smile
Add Paper positions in the options panel and the strategy analyzer will immediately show the option profile. This mode will allow you to see all the changes in the options panel - prices, volatility, Greek options values ​​- and option profiles on one screen.
Use the overlay function for versatile position analysis when creating option strategies. In addition to P & AmerClear; L, you can add Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega, Rho. Thus, you simultaneously see changes not only in the risk profile of options, but also in other parameters of the portfolio.
What If ... Scenario Analysis
Evaluate the impact of volatility and temporary downturns on your options trading strategy using what-if analysis.


Convenient glass and DOM Surface panel

Using the DOM Surface panel, the trader sees all changes in limit orders in the order book (depending on the depth of market data), which is presented in the form of a heat map. The panel displays the placement of limit orders, their modification, cancellation or execution by large market participants, as well as the imbalance between buyers and sellers.

Unlike other chart types such as Footprint (or Cluster Chart), DOM Surface shows not only aggressive market orders, but also limit orders, which have a greater impact on price behavior.


Forward Curve Panel

Forward Curve is a display of the current price of each commodity futures contract on one curve. Going to the time frame, you will see the ratio of all contracts to the current ones.


Quantower Algo Solutions

Quantower provides a set of solutions for creating custom modules for the trading platform. Besides standards such as automated strategies (trading robots) and indicators, you can create your own plugins and even connectors with brokers or exchanges.

We propose instead to use the popular and at the same time simple language - C # with integration with major IDEs. The extension for Visual Studio is currently available on the marketplace.


Additional features

In addition to its wide range of "must-have" features, Quantower offers an impressive list of additional plugins, and the list is growing all the time. Among those who get the most attention:

- Exchange Times - to quickly determine which exchanges are currently running;
- Market heat map - building a heat map from a given set of symbols using the "Change" or "Volume" value;
- History exporter - to export the history of any symbols and connections with multitasking support.
- Statistics matrix - shows the ratio between different assets (instruments)
- Symbol Display - allows you to create a link between different date feeds and trade links.
- Alert log - collects all alerts coming from different panels like Chart, Watchlist, etc.


Volume Analysis

You will definitely like this platform if you analyze trading volumes, futures, you need a Volume Profile, clusters, deltas and much more.

Download Quantower

Download Quantower for Windows x64.

Download Quantower for Windows x32.

To download the platform, follow one of the links above, enter your email, name and come up with a password. After that, you can download the platform from the created personal account.

Торговая платформа quantower

System Requirements

Windows 10
.NET Framework version 4.8
Available disk space - 1 GB (depends on the size of downloaded history)
The hardware requirements for Quantower depend on what you do with it. Most desktop systems can run Quantower without any problem.
The following hardware specifications are highly recommended for a fast system: 16 GB of RAM, a minimum of 4-core CPU, and an SSD (solid state drive).

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