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Trading platform QScalp


Trading drive QScalp is a very convenient application for various platforms, so that you can conveniently and as quickly as possible open and close transactions on the exchange. The terminal is very well suited for high-frequency traders, as well as scalpers. Orders are opened in one click, with the fastest possible withdrawal of transactions to the exchange. The drive connects to exchanges and brokers through dedicated connectors and supports connections such as QUIK, SmartCOM, TRANSAQ, Plaza II and Rithmic. The latter is recommended because Ritmik originally developed its data feed for high-speed trading.


Benefits of QScalp

Sufficiently convenient and informative feed of transactions. With combined display of data. For example, you can view deals as graphical elements in red and green. They also differ in volume, for example large transactions will look like large balls, small ones - small balls. It is much more convenient to trade the market in this form, because the visually displayed data helps to make decisions faster.

A well-developed order book with quotes, the prices in which are static, which is why it does not move, and you can always monitor the market without moving your head, but paying all attention to the size of transactions and the prices at which they are carried out.

Of course, a clustered type of data analysis. Fully configurable depending on your filters and presets.

Indicative script of market activity, where you can clearly see the speed and frequency of transactions by other market participants.

"Synthetic guide". You can customize the graphs as you like, overlaying them, or building manually.

Convenience in building your positions. You can open trades when various necessary conditions are met, and manage them in the same way in relation to prices and each other. For example, control the average purchase price and open new deals so that it does not rise. Or use a breakdown of lots in each trade to execute them at the best prices in the market, without going beyond the specified limits.

For analyzing transactions, you will have a good transaction journal that can be easily integrated with office applications such as MS Excel, OpenOffice and others. The transaction data is quite detailed. In addition, to keep a trade diary, you can record trades and view your trade later to identify errors and adjust your trading style in the future.

Technological solutions

QScalp is, one might say, a revolutionary drive of its kind, which made trading convenient for scalpers.



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