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Market trading training course


The basic rule of profitable trading is to reduce losses while increasing profits. Positional trading, which, in addition, is the least risky, fully meets all the criteria of this rule. However, almost all novice traders stubbornly ignore this type of trading, or do not have enough funds in their account.

We decided to tell about our own opinion, formed thanks to our vast practical experience. Note that most traders are aware of this, however, do not know how to apply correctly.

So, there is no need to add anything or change to the described system - it works fine. A simple combination of the patterns given by us gives more than 80% of correct signals, while it is great for those who work on daily timeframes and for those who prefer to trade positionally on large time intervals or shorter intervals.

We will show you how to draw the correct conclusions from the charts, calculate the maximum risk, and determine the levels at which it is best to enter a position. We will also teach you how to trade with the trend correctly or against the trend.

We have empirically come to the conclusion that there is no need to clog your head with a huge number of different patterns, candlestick formations, graphic combinations. Instead, we have created a minimal set of the most requested patterns. They are most often encountered if the main trend has ended, and a change of forces between bears and bulls should occur in the market. This situation is the most optimal for entering the market, as a rule, such entries practically guarantee a positive result - if we evaluate from the standpoint of the ratio of risk to return. At the same time, we recommend not to carry out more than 20% of transactions against the trend.
Here's another strategy that we use in trading: a systematic approach with a strictly defined level of exit, profit-taking. However, this method has a fixed maximum risk - it is not suitable for deposits less than $ 10,000. It should also be remembered that the maximum risk of entry should not be more than 3-5% of the risk capital. If you nevertheless decide to use this strategy on smaller accounts, keep in mind that this way you increase your own risks by an order of magnitude.

This strategy may well become the main one for any trader, since it is an almost mechanical trading system - a simple set of rules that require strict execution according to a specific algorithm, when your greatest daily risk is always predetermined, as well as daily profit. You will be convinced of the simplicity and efficiency of our system when you try it yourself. After you learn how to achieve constant profit on two contracts, then you can increase the lot size to 6,9,12, etc.

Finally, we teach not only the correct reading of the charts, but the understanding of what is happening at a particular moment in time, the assessment of the probability of the profitability of the transaction. The market analysis system we offer is not based on combinations of individual indicators or non-working oscillators, which are often very useless - we teach the correct application of time factors.