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Learning to trade on the market


Today there are many approaches to trading, a variety of training systems and theories, indicators, trading "advisors", which supposedly guarantee immediate profit for novice traders.

Most often, novice traders have no experience in making deals, as well as a trading method, or a system with which you can make regular profits. In addition, almost all newbies believe in the existence of some kind of “one size fits all method” that can accurately predict the direction of prices. Therefore, initially, in the eyes of novice traders, such instruments can be the Elliott theory, transactions by Volume volfix, etc.

However, this does not entirely correspond to reality, so we have developed an intensive course that will teach you how to correctly trade correctly, and also includes all the tools necessary for successful trading. This course presents a ready-made, detailed system strategy. It is based on in-depth market analysis combined with (price movement). With its help, everyone will be able to trade profitably, in any chosen style, as well as in any market conditions. Our strategy gives a complete picture of what exactly is happening in the market and why. Also, thanks to this knowledge, you will get a significant advantage before the start of trading, since you will clearly know who is in favor today - bulls or bears. In addition, our system is very easy to understand as it is based on price, liquidity, and time.

On the chart, all lines have a clearly expressed meaning and significance - at the same time, we do not use a set of data on closing, opening, support and resistance levels, calculated using the theories of Pivot, Fibonacci. Also, we do not use combinations of various temporary moving simple averages, divergences and oscillators, closing and opening ranges of the market, other technical indicators necessary to determine various levels of support and resistance, receive signals to exit and enter a position. There is a simple explanation for this: everyone uses the above methods almost at random, not really knowing who will pull the profit out of the market today, and who - vice versa. We use only knowledge that gives a clear understanding of who and with what interests is present in the market at a given moment.

We will provide objective information regarding:
- calculating risks on deposits;
- the amount required for depositing into the account;
- creating your own strategy based on the knowledge we have gained.

We will also provide you with ways to check the developed strategy and improve it.

Let's add that one of the advantages of the proposed system is the ability to control maximum risks. So, we enter a position when the market reaches a certain level. We will never place STOP orders, only hoping that they will not be executed, and also that natural support and resistance levels will provide barriers if the price moves against the positions we have chosen at the same time. There is simply no logic in this - after all, it is always possible to hedge a position. 80% of our operations are performed according to the Trend, regardless of trading time intervals. As a result, we get almost the same percentage of winning positions.

The basis of the offered course is "trend trading" - thanks to it, you will learn how to correctly carry out positional trading using daily charts or higher timeframes. The course also includes the Day-Trading rate, and a set of patterns (minimum) has been created - necessary for early detection of trend changes.

Read the course summary as it proceeds.


About the training system

If, after watching the webinars, you are interested in a separate training and decide to take an individual course with Radik, then you can use our two offers.

Basic course

The training course consists of three theoretical lessons and 7 days of practice, homework

Lesson 1 Plan

Discipline in trading

Risk management, calculating the number of lots for entering the market

Setting take profit, stop loss

Lesson 2 Plan

The rule for plotting support and resistance levels on a 4-hour time frame

Plotting support and resistance levels on the hourly time frame

The rule for counting the number of bars

Search for a pattern in the real market

Lesson 3 Plan

Demonstration of the pattern in the real market

7 days of practical training

Send the constructed levels, calculated bars to the mail, the main thing is to enter the market by the pattern, by risk / income, screenshots of transactions

It costs 15,000 rubles for our clients

This is an introductory course FOR EVERYONE.

Those who will pass the competition will be given basic 2-month classes (the price for our clients is 30 thousand rubles) - this will be a 2-level training, at the second level after the 2nd month of an individual consultation. p>

For clients of other companies, the price is 40% higher

Professional course

First lesson

Key points of positional trading
Definition of flat
Determining the trend

Strategy "Trade without indicators"

Trading without indicators practice:
Support and Resistance Levels
Key Support and Resistance Levels
Calculating the number of bars
Analysis of the chart, levels, volumes when making decisions
Determining the level of resistance and support
Support and resistance levels, construction rules


Second lesson

Discussion d \ s, answers to your questions

The rule for calculating the number of bars by levels

Trend detection rule

Determining the point of entry into the market


Third Lesson

Discussion d \ s, answers to your questions

The main mistakes of novice traders

Positional Trading Key Points


Fourth lesson

Discussion d \ s, answers to your questions

Key Level Definition

Professional Trader Criteria

Reasons why the teacher became an investor


Lesson Five

Discussion d \ s, answers to your questions

The nuances of professional trading


Sixth Lesson

Discussion d \ s, answers to your questions

The main difference between professional and

What is professional trading associated with

The difference between a successful trader and not so much


Seventh Lesson

Discussion d \ s, answers to your questions

Psychological moments in trading


Further development as a professional trader, hedge fund or investor pool manager

The following stages of training a trader:

In 4-6 months, admission to the professional trading system

In 1.5-2 years, when trade stability appears, investments will appear

P.S. Access to the system only when the results are shown in manual analysis and trading on the market


For those who are currently undergoing paid education, please familiarize yourself with the requirements in order to attend the classes.


Contact us to submit your resume, pay for the course and start training.