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Documents for opening an account in a company


To open an account in a company, you will need a copy of either a driver's license or the first page of a passport, you can use a foreign passport (where a photo is, and a registration page is NOT required).

A second document is also needed to confirm the address, but this cannot be a registration in the passport. A list of some suitable documents (note: stamp or seal is optional):

Payment for utilities (apartment, gas, water)
Any payment for the Internet, television or other services
Bank statement
Copy of bank agreement
Copy of health insurance
Receipt of funds transfer
Property Certificate
Traffic police fine or the like
Tax Return
SIM card agreement

Any of the above documents will work if there is a fresh date ( required for the last 3 months ) and the name, surname and residence address (the same address that will be indicated on the application form) of the person on which account is opened.

Account Funding

If an account is already open, you can go to the next section to activate it and configure the trading platform.