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Co-location (computer placement with us)


We offer 6 ways to place your computer on remote servers and data centers with our help.

Co-location with Rithmic

The installation / eventual breakdown is $1,500 per U at Aurora.

The monthly fee at Aurora is   $750 per calendar month (or part of it).

Deleted hands cost $400 per hour (or less).

Please also note that Rithmic has no obligations on the time of use (in other words, the client is not obliged to enter into a contract immediately for six months or a year, you can just pay month after month).   In addition, Rithmic will issue invoices to us and thus we will deduct money from the client's account for the service.  

It should also be remembered that if you use a platform based on the Rithmic data feed or write software for Rithmic's API, then collocation with Rithmic directly to their workplace in the Aurora DC is most likely the best option for clients who need the fastest access .

The price is indicated for one computer, but in addition to the Aurora data center, we also have New Jersey, East Cermack or Aurora.

This service is not offered by us directly, but we help to do colocation and the necessary actions with hosting. For example, if you use a platform based on the Ritmik data feed or the Rithmic Trader platform, then you can locate your server in DC Aurora next to the CME GROUP servers.

Another option is to look at companies like Guavatech that offer similar services. In cooperation with them, we will not always be able to bill the client on our own, in such cases it will be necessary to pay for their services separately.

Co-location with CQG

We offer several types of servers, depending on what you need.

If you only need Quotes Direct, then the choice will only be between Chicago and Kemrak.

If you need to send orders, the prices will be as follows.

Prices depend on your choice. If you choose Kemrak it will cost $ 1,500 per month if you buy your own server and transfer it to CQG with the condition of paying a 6 month lease agreement, or $ 2,000 per month if you want to conclude a contract for a year. In the second case, CQG will provide you with its own server for the entire period of its use. And you can change the characteristics based on your needs, but perhaps for a fee.

You can also visit the CQG page for this type of service for more details.