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Barchart Trader Trading Platform


Barchart is an excellent platform with connected platforms CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX. One of the cheapest. which have the Cluster Charts function.



Data Provider for Barchart Trader

This platform uses the market-leading CQG gateway for electronic futures trading. To use integrated trading, request a CQG login in the broker's personal account (when opening an account, we always send instructions on how to do this). Then go to Settings> Trade Providers and enter your new CQG / broker username and password. Select "Live Trading" to enable real-time futures trading.

After connecting, your account balances and positions will be synchronized. All information about your account and transactions is kept by your broker. The Trade tab will now appear at the top of the Barchart Trader screen, containing your account and order information.