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Affiliate Program

For Web Agents



Affiliate Program


If you want to become a web agent of our company, register using this link or contact us any in a way convenient for you.

Pros of our affiliate program

You do not need to monitor your clients and their actions. We ourselves contact by phone with all clients who came to our site using your referral link and left their details when registering demo access to the platforms.

If, after our broker contacts a potential client, the latter opens a real account, it will be automatically subscribed to your partner number and you will start receiving monthly payments for the client.

We have professional brokers who constantly keep in touch with clients and thus, even if the client eventually stops trading (for example, due to loss of money), our brokers will do their best for the client to start trading again, and will contact always with him, if a client has any questions about working in a company or trading on the market.

Payments for web agents

We have a fairly generous partnership program for our agents. We pay from 20% of the company's revenue for each client on a monthly basis. This means that by bringing a client just once, you will receive a profit for him all the time.

The only limitation for newly registered clients: you will receive no more than $ 500 in commissions per month if you bring no more than 1 client for the entire time. And no more than $ 1000 per month if you bring no more than 2 clients for the entire time of working with us.

All payments are made through the Webmoney system, but bank payments, Yandex.Money and QIWI systems are also possible (for additional commissions).

Customer accounting

Immediately after registering in the affiliate program, you can attract customers through referral links, direct links from your web sites (transitions to which will still be taken into account in our system), web banners and other materials available in our affiliate program. After filling out an application for opening an account by a client, one of our brokers contacts him and helps to open an account and replenish money. We inform our web agents already at the stage when the client has just filled out the form to open an account.

Customer accounting occurs through scripts on our website and through cookies. Preference is given to the agent through whom the client first came to our site. If after that the client comes to our site through the links of other partners, the client will still remain with you.

Registration in the system

Please this link to register in our partner program and start working with us.